Export Car Wash 2017, S.L. offers its customers the possibility to choose among several different payment methods:

Bank swift:

You can make a deposit or a bank swift from your own bank to the account that our company has at BBVA.  

Beneficiary: EXPORT CAR WASH 2017, S.L.

IBAN  ES39 0182 9502 2302 0170 1421


In order to speed up the shipment of your goods, you have to send us the bank receipt per e-mail to info@exportcarwash.com

It is indispensable that you indicate your purchase order number by making the swift, so that we can identify your payment.

Credit card:

If you choose this payment method, you will be redirected to the secured website of our financial institution, where the number of your credit card and its expiration date will be requested.

For your tranquillity, BBVA guarantees an absolute security, since your personal information and your credit card data are encrypted thanks to the secured server SSL provided by this financial institution.

Your credit card data do not remain registered in any database, but they are sent directly to the TPV (Terminal Point of Sale) of the Bank.

Likewise, Export Car Wash 2017, S.L. never receives the data of your credit card, only the confirmation of your payment.

Credit card through Paypal:

You can pay your purchases with your Visa or Master Card credit card. For that purpose, the secured Paypal’s payment platform will be used. To proceed to the payment, some basic data will be requested.

Payment by Paypal system:

For your security and rapidity, this well-known worldwide system is nowadays one of most used in Internet transactions.

To be able to pay your purchases through this system, you must have a Paypal account. For further information visit www.paypal.com