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CAT Pumps and Accessories

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Protection of Shaft (Cat 3CP/350/5CP)

€4.80 Price

Protection of shaft for pumps CAT 340/350

Bell Coupling (CAT 340/350)

€23.00 Price

Bell Coupling (CAT 340/350), to bombs CAT

Elastic coupling (CAT 350-5CP2150)

€38.50 Price

Elastic coupling CAT pump 350/5cp2150

Kit 3 valves CAT 350-5CP2150W

€76.00 Price

Kit 3 valves for pumps, CAT-354, 350, 5CP2120, 5CP2150

Pump CAT 350

€536.25 Price

Pump CAT 350

Kit gaskets CAT 350

€68.25 Price

Complete Kit of seals for pumps CAT 350

Pump CAT 5CP-2150W

€481.00 Price

Original pump CAT 5cp2150w

Head CAT 5CP-2150W

€334.75 Price

Head original CAT 5cp2150w

Head CAT 350

€375.70 Price

Head original CAT 350

Bell Coupling (CAT-5CP2150W)

€21.00 Price

Bell Coupling (CAT 5CP), to bombs CAT

Kit Gaskets CAT 5CP-2150W

€83.20 Price

Complete Kit of gaskets for pump CAT 5CP-2150W

Plug oil pump CAT 5CP2150W

€5.97 Price