Parts Bridges wash to Istobal

Parts Bridges wash to Istobal

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Timing belt T-10-Length of 100m with strands of Kevlar

€630.00 Price

Timing belt Kevlar T10 MEGADYNE

Length 100 feet

Power supply 150W 6.5 TO

€49.00 Price

Power supply 150w 6.5 TO 24VDC

Nozzle 1/8 PVDF 3bar to 3.06 l/min 45 °

€3.90 Price

Nozzle 1/8 Material PVDF 3bar to 3.06 l/min 45 °

Inductive 3/D12 detection 4mm cable 2m-flush mountable

€24.90 Price

Inductive sensor D12

Detection 4mm (DIEL)

Dosing pump 3l/h 6 bar (Viton)

€162.50 Price

Metering pump pneumatic 3 liters/hour 6 bar

Moto-reducer compact 230/400V 50 HZ S3 R11/127

€600.00 Price

Moto-reducer compact 230/400V 50Hz R11/127

Type Flender

Power 0.55 KW


Voltage 230/400V

Intensity 2,3/1.32 To


Revolutions of Output 127rpm

s3 alternate work

Drag left Reducer 30:1 (compatible ISTOBAL® )

€285.00 Price

Reducer translational bridge left side

Compatible Istobal

*ISTOBAL® is a registered Trademark of the company Istobal, SA

Motor 0,12 KW, 1500 rpm 230/400V Without ventilation

€127.00 Price

Motor 0,12 KW 1500 rpm. Application threaded vertical brushes (compatible Istobal)

Cylinder D32 double effect 32x400mm

€94.50 Price

Cylinder D32 double effect 32x400mm. Application lava-wheels (compatible Istobal)

Inductive 3/D30 detection 15mm cable 10m

€39.80 Price

Inductive sensor 3-wire

Diameter D30

Distance detection 15mm

Cable 10metros

Nozzle 1/4 PVDF 3bar 3,86/min 60 °

€3.90 Price

Nozzle 1/4 Material PVDF 3bar 3,86/min 60º (ref compatible 6299)

Dosing pump 3l/h 6bar 24VDC (VITON)

€198.50 Price

Metering pump pneumatic 3l/h