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Accessories suction

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Hose extra-tough Ø38 (roll 30 metres)

€82.50 Price

Hose suction D38 (rollo30 meters) for washing facilities

Ultra-durable. (Guaranteed)

Hose suction Ø51 extra-resistant (roll 30 m)

€145.00 Price

Roll 10 meters D51

Nozzle suction plate 270mm for hose Ø38

€1.30 Price

Nozzle Vacuum for hose diameter 38 

Nozzle suction 370 mm hose Ø51

€2.50 Price

Fitting swivel hose/skimmer Ø38

€2.75 Price

Nozzle inflation

€4.75 Price

Cuba inox. for vacuum cleaner

€163.80 Price

Fitting the bowl to the tube Ø38 mm

€3.30 Price

Fitting hose Ø51mm for cube

€9.15 Price

Gun clean upholstery full

€35.00 Price

Gun full limpiatapicerias, with nozzle 100mm

Suction nozzle of Ø50 mm short

€2.50 Price

Connector fixed hose - Boquila of Ø38 mm

€3.00 Price